Professor Chris Experiments With The Carnivore Diet: Here's What He's Found

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I do not know how this diet would affect you or your loved ones. I don't even know how this diet is going to affect me. I am simply sharing my findings in an organized way. This is not medical advice or a suggestion that you try this diet. This is my public journal about the experience, nothing more. We take no responsibility for any actions you may take as a result of interacting with this document.

Why I am trying the carnivore diet

Due to a blend of curiosity and the need for discipline and simplicity, I gave it a shot. I first heard about this approach through the Joe Rogan Experience.

I've realized that there is a logical argument for just about every approach to nutrition. Through the right rhetoric, they all make sense.

I graduated college with a degree in exercise kinesiology and physiology, with much of the courses involving nutritional study. I've been an athlete my whole life. And I've read extensively on the subject. But I realize I really don't know much about how the body works, and I figured I'd learn the best way I could: through experience.

So I've committed to an elimination diet through which I will reach a baseline physiology. Once achieved, I'll test one variable at a time as I find a more sustainable health practice.

I've begun this diet because…

I am 33 years old, and I'd like to be as lean as when I was 23. My body should be a reflection of the discipline and sincerity with which I approach life.

I have abused my body through two decades of pursuing self-acceptance through physical pursuits. I have accumulated a lot of wear and tear. My goal is to walk through the park when I am 100 years old, so I had better get my joint pain under wraps now.

I want to learn, grow, and give as much as I am capable. I cannot make it any harder on myself by creating unnecessary resistance through my nutrition.

Week 1 Recap

What I've eaten:

About 90% of my food has been Red Meat. Rib Eyes and Strip Steaks. The rest has been eggs, bacon, sausage, bone broths, and a little bit of cheese.

Just about all of this has been grass fed, pasture raised, organic, etc. In an effort to not test too many variables at once, I have allowed myself the continuation of coffee. In addition to this, I salt my foods and drink a ton of water.

That's it.

How I've eaten it:

I eat when I am hungry. I eat until I am no longer hungry. Usually twice a day.

What I've experienced (this all kicked in around Day 3 and has continued):


My joints have hurt since I was 14 years old. I've been training for something in perpetuity for two decades.

About 90% of my joint pain had disappeared. My fingers have been stiff and swollen since I began Jiu Jitsu in 2008. The swelling decreased so much that my wedding ring started coming off in the shower for the first time since I've worn one (4 months).


This was surprising, as this is the first time in my life I've gone this long without eating a carb.

My energy has been high and constant. There are no spikes or lulls throughout the day. I have no less energy after eating a big meal than I did before the meal.

I wake up feeling awake and aware, and at the end of the night when I normally have to drag my body to bed, I've felt a lack of exhaustion and a much "healthier-feeling" tired.

I generally nap often, but I don't think I've napped since beginning this diet. I just haven't felt the need.


I feel less general resistance in my body, both physically and mentally. I seem to be relying less on will power because there is less resistance in performing the daily tasks of reading, writing, and working on the academy.

Meditation has been easier, as the constant monologue in my own head seems slower, quieter, and more willing to lose the reigns of my attention.


I am getting leaner by the day. I weighed in on Day 0, but have yet to step back on a scale. Looking forward to doing so and reporting later.

The Negatives


Joe Rogan warned against explosive diarrhea that arrived without notice. Thankfully, I have been spared of this.

I have had minimal (but some) digestive issues. Very occasional, very mild stomach distress that only lasts for a minute. Bowel movements are practically non-existent. The ones I have had, outside of two mild and brief cases of distress, have been pleasant.


My menu is redundant. And I don't really get excited to eat what I'm eating unless I'm really hungry. So there is a discipline component to making sure I eat adequate amounts of food when I am hungry, because I don't exactly "desire" the food. But all in all, the eating has been fine. It's worth noting:

I have had zero cravings while on this diet. Zero.

From my understanding, it's the bacteria in our gut that creates the craving for all those carbs. Once your diet changes, so does the microbiome, and those organisms which were creating those cravings have disappeared.


This has been a very successful first week. I have less pain and fat while having more energy and clarity, all achieved with very minimal downsides.

I am excited to see what comes of Week 2 and will report back next week. Until then, wishing you all an incredible week.


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