Carnivore Diet: Week 2 Recap

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I do not know how this diet would affect you or your loved ones. I don't even know how this diet is going to affect me. I am simply sharing my findings in an organized way. This is not medical advice or a suggestion that you try this diet. This is my public journal about the experience, nothing more. We take no responsibility for any actions you may take as a result of interacting with this document.

I'm half way through this experiment, and in all ways but one, the second week HAS BEEN MORE BENEFICIAL than the first. The following is a quick run through of the pros, cons, and reflections of the experience.


Bowel Movements

Let's get right to the most common question I get. How are your poops?

I had diarrhea for two days, one week into this experiment. Not nearly to the extent Joe Rogan described, but it was considerable enough to mention here. (I never thought I'd talk about poop publicly, but in the name of personal development, so it goes!)

It was very clear that my body was going through some sort of change and that this was the product of this change. After two days, this subsided, and all is well.


Less Joint Pain!!

My systemic joint pain continues to lessen to a shocking degree. I'd guess about 90% of my joint pain and stiffness is gone. Seriously, it's crazy, I've never experienced this kind of relief.

Better Sleep

1) More Dreams: I have been getting deeper sleep, based on the metric of very vivid dreams each night. The wonderful and exciting adventures I would have every couple weeks, I now have most nights.

2) Less Sleep Required: I am naturally sleeping less each day, with seemingly no adverse effects. I just feel restored with less. On average, I'm feeling recharged with 1-1.5 hours of less sleep a night.

3) No Grogginess: I wake up, and within thirty seconds, feel the same as I do mid-morning. There is no "warm up" for the day required.

Constant Energy

As described in the Week 1 recap, I feel consistent energy all day. I'm getting up in the 3:30a-4:30a range, and on most days, still feel really good teaching Jiu Jitsu late at night.

There are ZERO lulls in energy after eating meals, even when stuffing myself with 24 ounces of steak and 3 eggs.

A few times this week, I felt a "hum" throughout my whole body. A pleasurable sensation and aliveness radiating through my whole being, with no immediate impetus for such a feeling.

Increased Discipline

I have experienced much less internal resistance to do the things I have to do.

Writing is difficult. Confronting the blank page is always a challenge.

In the last two weeks, I've been writing for two hours every morning without a break with NO NEED TO MOTIVATE MYSELF. I know the work needs to be done, and I do it without thinking. There is just no internal resistance to be overcome.

This is the least internal resistance I have ever felt while writing.

ZERO cravings

This diet has not been difficult to maintain. I've had no desire to eat something else. There has been no decision making or need for discipline with my nutrition (which might attribute to the experience of more discipline everywhere else).

Psychological Shift: My Relationship to Food is Changing

I always cut through the bakery on the way to the meat section in ShopRite. When I do, I comment to myself something along the lines of "This food is not good for you."

This week was different. Based on the simplicity of this diet and the dramatic improvement in my daily experience, I observed a different reaction to all these breads, donuts, and pastries.

I cut through the bakery as I always do, and this time my inner voice responded differently. As I looked at all the bread products, my inner voice said, "that's not food."

All I could see was the thousands of times I've consumed these foods and the energy that they've taken from me. Far too many times I sacrificed my energy -- my life, my immediate experience of being -- for temporary pleasure.

This sacrifice became clear from the equanimous state of my current physiology.


Things keep getting better. I'll be staying the course and reporting back next week. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Have an amazing week,



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