Drops in the Ocean: What Will You Contribute to the World?

We are bound by the narrowness of our existence. Our empathy confined by only those experiences with which we have shared. We are quick to look at our lives in this moment, and begin to think that we have even the faintest idea of the footprint we leave on this world.

There is an adopted illusion in which we feel our actions exist in isolation, free of karmic influence – and this is why we feel small. When actually, contrary to common belief, everything you do has a lasting reflection on the face of this world.

Every kindness shown. Every offering of love to another. Every compliment paid. Every door held open. Every smile. Every hug. Every acknowledgement of another. Every interaction with another.

Extends on forever.

In our lives we are simply adding a few drops to the collective ocean of humanity. We manifest action, as our small morsels of contribution fall toward the great abyss of man, and we watch-with a dash of pride and overwhelming uncertainty as our drops meet the water.

And it ripples.

We see the waves extend outward. We can tangibly see our effect on this place. Starting closest to its source, ourselves, we see the biggest influence. As the ripples extend outward, they grow faint but remain visible to the concerning eye.

But soon these ripples disappear. Our effect on this place goes unseen, and we have no more drops to add. So we return home to rest. We sleep, and we think our effect on this place is done – but this could not be farther from the truth.

The ripple may be gone with the natural expenditure of kinetic energy, but the drop itself remains in the vast ocean. Though unrecognizable as it had been the moment it left our hand, free falling towards the oblivion, in this moment it exists within the entire ocean. Indivisible from it.

We can no longer see our own contribution and those others who didn’t see us physically place that drop will doubt its existence entirely. Yet, still forever it remains a part of the whole.

No drop of water can be taken from the collective ocean that doesn’t share a bit of each person’s individual contribution.

And so each person is left with a choice. Each of us holds a few drops in our hand that throughout our lives we will add to the commonweal. Will these be drops of good, or drops of evil?

Most doubt the significance of a few mere drops on the vastness of the totality of human experience. They say it does not matter. They say we are too small to create change. To this may I bring forth one simple idea:

All oceans, no matter how vast, are comprised of individual drops.

They are a collection of individuals described as a whole.

The truth is that what we call an ocean is nothing of the sort. It is the intermingling of a few drops from every person that has ever lived. The totality of man is too grand to be looked at as a whole. Its too insulting on the level of personal experience. The ocean is merely my drops mixed with yours, mixed with hers, mixed with theirs.

Each drop, like the ocean, holds with it evidence of all others. No drop of water acts, nor lives, in isolation. Every drop added to the collective has a TANGIBLE effect on all the others. A greater effect on those closest to it, but an effect on all nonetheless.

Every drop, every action, affects all others.

Each person only has so much time, and so much contribution to give. Good or bad, he plays his part, and moves on while his drops remain. His actions resonate out eternal. Whether or not we wish them to, our lives contribute, for better or worse, to the inexhaustible commonweal. So that leaves us with one beautifully empowering question..

Will ours be drops of good or drops of bad?

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