Why you should define your vision statement today

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

On the importance of a Vision Statement:

A few weeks ago I sat down with the hopes of clearly articulating my message. How could others understand my message if I could not concisely describe it for myself? Human beings most often fall short in areas that they find themselves unable to clearly specify their feelings and thoughts (i.e. relationships). In order to influence a wider audience, I sought out to find a way to most efficiently explain my motivations. I found it in the following sentence…

I envision a world in which the vast majority of us are actively striving toward our potential as human beings by spending our lives serving others through mediums we are most passionate.

This simple statement allows me to articulate the almost intangible “why” of my motivations by layering it underneath the “what” of my actions. Sometimes it is simply easier to state the activities themselves than the emotions that presuppose them. Another added benefit is that our society communicates on the level of these actions more readily than the beliefs that precede them.

This sentence allows me to communicate those beliefs and emotions while avoiding the cloud of conscious thought. This proved a most useful exercise, and then it became something greater…

This sentence became the benchmark with which I weighed all future decisions. Our days are nothing but an endless string of choices. Choices that grow redundant and exhaustive. These choices not only consume our time, but are a direct impediment on our mental faculties. Albert Einstein wore the same outfit EVERYDAY in an attempt to ward off such trivial mental activity.

My vision statement has afforded me the freedom from the countless daily choices. When I am presented with a choice, I simply choose which action best reflects my vision statement. I am instantly free of the stress of decision making. Due to the fact that I invested so heavily in determining my most acute purpose toward the world, I now find myself free of the daily investments I so often was forced to make.

This measuring stick has greatly improved the efficiency of my thoughts, and my actions have never run so parallel with my purpose.

In an attempt to communicate better with the outside world, I found a way to communicate better with myself. If for nothing else but this, I find this exercise most useful.

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