Mara - Thank you for taking the time to visit here and complete the CAMEO.  You are the best!


Obviously, you can go off script.  You are so absolutely funny and a master of your craft, and I would love to see your amazing personality come through.  I'm trying to get my friends excited and to agree to a possible golfing trip in Florida (and we'll watch some spring training baseball too).


Here’s a rough script.  I'll record myself doing a rough version of it below:

"Hi Trevor's friends from Hamilton. You may know me from films such as [insert stuff here]....(and argo, I had a small part in argo.. as well as hte porn version our goo)... I'm Mara Marini who played Brandi Maxxx in Parks and Rec. You may be wondering why I am talking to you dudes from Hamilton right now, and why Trevor requested this Cameo. Well, Trevor was thinking that a something must happen in mid March. Something...intriguing. Something...exciting. At a place that’s...different.  


Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Florida. And yes, Dumb and dumber movie reference 😊"


It's a vacation. You will Golf. You will watch Baseball Spring Training. You will drink around the world (Trevor has dibs on the first Margherita in Mexico at Disney). You will be there during St Pattiess day for shenanigans and Mulligans. Birdies and Bogeys. Shanks and....Four putts. It will be a trip amongst trips. With men amongst men. I’m hoping you are as excited and intrigued as I am and hope you will join Trev in this endeavor.


Josh and Gogan already committed. Chris, Brandon, Bob, Barry and Jay… Let’s go!"

For the video above, you can click the icon in the bottom right for sound.


If it's easier (so you can rewind and pause) you can click here for a link to this video on youtube.

Thank you again.  You are the best!